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For over 1500 years, chess has been the ultimate test of logic, strategy, and adaptability, and played regularly by more than 600 million people worldwide. Bringing this ultimate test of skill into the 21st century, the Square Off Set fuses traditional craftsmanship with telerobotics to create a unique, so-smart-it's-magical chess board that moves on its own.

This handsome, handcrafted set hides within it a powerful robotic arm that smoothly moves the pieces across the board completely hands free. The built-in, rechargeable battery lasts over a dozen games on a single charge so you can play again and again, while the integrated BLE 4.1 technology allows it to connect directly to the Square Off app so you can control everything right from your device.

Challenge friends and family remotely, or compete against the 21 million players in Square Off's global online community. You can even compete against the board itself! Powered by Stockfish 8, Square Off lets you challenge the board's AI— programed with 20 difficulty settings from beginner and grandmaster. Square Off's handy app also enables you to save your game so you can analyze and improve your strategy long after the victor has been crowned.

Product Details
  • Materials
    Boxwood, Rosewood
  • Measurements
    26.45"L x 23.7"W x 3.7"H
  • OriginImported

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Handcrafted Wood Chess Pieces & Board
— Magnets & Telerobotic Arm Moves Pieces Independently
— Compete Against AI With 20 Difficulty Levels
— Play With Anyone, Anywhere, Right On Your Board Via The Free, Dedicated Square Off App (iOS & Android)
— Challenge Friends & Family Remotely
— Play Online With Nearly 21 Million Players Worldwide
— Built In Timer For Timed Games (Controlled via The App)
— Analyze Feature Will Spot Mistakes & Teach You How To Improve Your Game
— ELO Rating: 800-3000 Depending On Difficulty Level
— AI Powered By StockFish 8
— Rich Rosewood Finish
— Long Lasting Built-In Rechargeable Battery (Kingdom Set: Up To 15 Games Per Charge; Grand Kingdom Set: Up To 30 Games)
— BLE 4.1 Connected

Grand Kingdom Set Also Features:
— Auto Reset Places Pieces Back In Their Starting Position After The Game
— Designated Parking Spot For Captured Pieces
— Ability To Live Stream Chess Matches Right On Your Board
— Up To 30 Games Per Charge

— Chess Board
— Chess Pieces
— Charger
— DC Power Adapter
— Instruction Manual

— Grand Kingdom Set: 23"L x 19.3"W x 1.9"H; 12lbs
— Kingdom Set: 18.9"L x 18.9"W x 1.9"H; 10.3lbs

How long can you hold a game until the next move?

There are no time constraints if you are playing a timeless game, as long as your smartphone remains connected via Bluetooth.

How are the the knight's moves or Castling accomplished if the Robotic arm can only slide pieces?

For the Knight move, the chessboard and chess pieces are uniquely designed so the Knight can move between the pieces with precision, and without colliding with any other piece.

To castle, you tap the King and then move it two squares to the left/right and press again. Then just lift and silently move the Rook. For the opponent, the AI will automatically slide the pieces in a unique manner to complete the process.

Do you need the internet to play?

You can play with the board's AI by connecting your board to your smart phone using bluetooth. However, if you want to play with any other user across the globe, then you will need internet connection.

Can two sets be like linked to play together?

Yes, both sets can be linked to play together.

Why do you need a smartphone to play against the board AI itself?

You will need to connect the chessboard with the Square Off app either to play against the AI or with any player across the globe.

What are the dimensions of all of the pieces?

King: 2.64"L
Queen: 2.13"L
Bishop: 1.81"L
Knight: 1.69"L
Rook: 1.38"L
Pawn: 1.34"L

What happens when a piece is "defeated"?

The captured or defeated piece will move out of the play area to the side.

What is the difference between the Kingdom and Grand Kingdom set?

Grand Kingdom Set has 3 additional features:
1. Auto-reset
2. Designated parking spots for each piece
3. Live streaming professional chess matches

Which one has the place holders for the pieces kingdom or grand kingdom that is in the video?

Grand Kingdom Set has the place holders for pieces.

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