Alcohol & Sprits

Alcohol & Sprits

No Such Thing As Last Call

Cheers To A Rich History

We love a good story, especially when it is steeped in history. Because we’re of the mind that with a name like Touch Of Modern, its important to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going. And when it comes to history, few tales are as rich as that of alcohol and spirits. For instance, did you know that wine predates the wheel? Its true! So its easy to see the allure of alcohol. It flows through time, touching so many moments.  

Lifting Spirits For Centuries

In 1803, Meriweather Lewis signed a requisition for 30 gallons of rectified spirits. He had high hopes of emboldening the 30+ enlisted men who joined his expedition. And in 1918, as the Spanish flu raged across the globe, whiskey was prescribed in small quantities for medicinal purposes. This amber alcohol was also prescribed to doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers who imbibed to safeguard themselves from suffering. And of course, while the decade long dry spell of prohibition was intended to end the sale of alcohol altogether, bootleggers were forced to innovate. This innovation left a permanent mark on the industry today.  

A Popularity Contest

Speaking of the alcohol industry, the popularity of alcohol and spirits – and the variety – continues to grow. From fine bourbons to craft tequilas, crisp clear spirits to velvety, warm rums, we have it all. Our buyers have their finger on the pulse of the very best so that you can imbibe and entertain with confidence.  

Stock Up And Share

So go ahead. Stock up on classics or splurge on specialty spirits that tantalize. Gather friends for an unforgettable happy hour or have the family over for a celebration worth toasting. Peruse our selection, find your new favorite, and enjoy the result of rich history, deep flavors, and modern appeal.